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We invite you to join fellow ADAMites from around the world for the 13th International ADAM Computer Convention (ADAMcon XIII). The B.A.S.I.C. ADAM User Group will be hosting ADAMcon XIII, and the Chairman is Dr. Richard F. Drushel, with the generous assistance of Herman L. Mason, Jr. and George M. Koczwara (past Chairmen of ADAMcons IV and VIII).

When and Where

ADAMcon XIII will be held at the Quality Inn Airport in Brook Park, Ohio (on the near west side of Cleveland) from July 12-15, 2001. The hotel is just a few minutes from the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (a free shuttle bus is available) and is easily accessible from east, west, and south via major interstate highways.


This year, we’ll be hearing from some new voices, as well as the old voices talking about things other than those that they usually talk about at ADAMcons :-) There will be some new activities and contests as well.


Full delegate rate is $275 US, double occupancy. All meals are included.

ADAMs and Robotics

By popular request over several years, ADAMcon XIII will feature a day trip to the Autonomous Robotics Laboratory at Case Western Reserve University, where Rich Drushel teaches a LEGO robotics course using microcontrollers of the same processor family as those used in ADAMnet devices. Rich also uses ADAMs to help control scoreboards during the course's end-of-semester public contest, a robot Egg Hunt.

ADAMcon on the Net

Since high-speed network access is available in the lab, we will have a live RealPlayer webcast of the afternoon sessions on Saturday, 14 July. We will also have a snapshot webcam operating during sessions at the hotel. ADAMcon XIII will be wired for the new millennium!

Couldn't make it to Cleveland? See all the fun you missed by watching our live webcams! For the first time ever, ADAMcon was live on the net.

[quickcam.gif] [moviecam.gif] [camera.gif]
Session snapshots from the hotel,
320 x 240, updated every minute.
In QuickTime movie format.
Streaming video from the
CWRU Autonomous Robotics Lab.
Saturday, 14 July 2001
2:00-6:00 PM EDT (-0500)
Note: RealPlayer 8 Basic required.
Click here to download.
Photos from the
CWRU Autonomous Robotics Lab

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